For The Animals

Ask most people how they feel about animal cruelty and you will no doubt hear that it sickens them and they are totally against it. Yet many of these people will sit down to a meal that includes the corpse of an animal. The fact is that by consuming meat and animal products you are complicit in animal abuse.

Farms are built for maximum profit so the animals are given the absolute minimum do survive. Chickens that are “free-range” do not get the freedom that consumers are lead to believe. Free-range just means having access to outside, this access could be a small opening that only a few chickens will get to use, thousands are packed into sheds, fighting for space and denied the life they should have. Any chicken that became ill would suffer and die, egg layers are only of use while they are laying an egg every day, around 72 weeks old that drops and it is as that point they are sent for slaughter. Often ending up in baby food or pet food.

Broiler hens are slaughtered at around 6 weeks old after being fed a diet that makes them put on weight so fast their legs cannot support them and will often buckle and break. It is also not uncommon for a broiler hens heart to give out under the strain.